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Your champion

If you would like to share your champion’s story, SPARC Europe would love to hear from you.

Headshot Picture Of Multi-Ethnic Group Of People SmilingChampions

Champions are actively contributing to implementing and advocating new open scholarship principles and practices within their organisation’s research communities. Their efforts are speeding up more access to educational materials and their reuse.

Champions can be active

  • in the name of the institution as a whole (rectors or chancellors or vice-chancellors) or
  • for a specific interest group (from deans to professors or PhD students) from a subject area that knows and understands the interests and plights of a specific discipline.

We would like to invite you to nominate other champions

We look forward to adding champions with even more varied views that stimulate Open Education to this site. We are looking for champions from a range of disciplines and European countries.

Please send us a short description of your motivation for nominating this person to if you are interested in having this inspirational Open Education advocate added to the showcase.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

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