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How to keep your champions engaged and informed

This page lists tried and tested methods of how to keep relationships going with champions. If necessary, how do you keep your champions informed and engaged and keep the momentum going?

Invite them to serve on committees

  • Invite them or propose that they sit on specific committees.

Invite them to meetings and events

  • Attend their own Open Science or Open Education community meetings / engage in activities
  • Invite them to your own scholarly communication or Open Education update meetings, e.g. if organisational / institutional developments occur
  • Run Open Access, Open Science or Open Education events and engage them there
  • Invite them to awareness-raising events
  • Involve them in training sessions
  • Involve them in the creation of marketing material on Open Access, Open Science and Open Education such as videos.

Utilise your partners

  • Collaborate with a close peer, who can then keep your champion involved and in the loop.

Inform them on Open Access, Open Science and Open Education developments, e.g. on the European agenda, share documentation and news.

  • Via University Press communication channels if they are involved with your University Press / publishing initiative
  • Via the university’s Open Access or Open Education website
  • Via Open Access, Open Science or Open Education blogs
  • Via newsletters
  • Via Twitter
  • In one-to-one conversations

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And last but not least, help them publish Open Access, share research data or create OER

Help your champions publish Open Access, research data and open educational resources using an institutional funding, skills and infrastructure


How else do you keep your champion relationships warm? Please share your ideas in the comments box below.

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