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How to get champions involved

This page lists tried and tested methods of how to get champions involved in Open Access efforts.

SPARC Europe member library staff who have been involved in the Europe’s Open Access Champions project tell you how to recruit and mobilise new champions here.

The goal

  • Target the best person to help achieve the goal, be it for policy development, the implementation of new mandates, or new infrastructure.


  • Engage with a researcher who wants to gain further visibility and impact
  • Identify the pro-Open Access champions who mobilise their peers and point out the benefits of OA in campus discussions.
  • Involve natural allies, such as an academic who is already involved with OA / writes about OA.
  • Utilise loyal customers or OA editors of your University Press.
  • Engage with the research administrators or R&D support staff who are responsible for registering research, as they are close to the researchers and are often supportive in the publishing process on various levels.
  • Leverage OA developments and discussion amongst key academics to take opportunities to engage them in supporting your own Open Access advocacy work.

Invite them

  • to explore collaboration in one-to-one conversations,
  • to scholarly communication meetings or more OA events,
  • to become part of a specific project,
  • to participate in email discussion groups.


Click here to read more about how to get keep your champions engaged and informed or  what makes a good champion.


What other ways have you mobilised new champions? Share additional ideas in the comments below.

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